Zombie Invasion Walkthrough – Invasion T-Virus

Zombie Invasion Walkthrough is the latest game guide on walkthroughapk today which gives you quick, full, and easy guide to pass all problem on zombie invasion t-virus. In this article, we just give you written guide and some pictures but if you want to see specific tips you can see video walkthrough on other articles. We will upload zombie invasion walkthrough video version as soon as possible.

If you are new user i think you will ask about what zombie invasion is. Amphibius Developers has released it’s great product on Google Play. Yeah, this is one of puzzle game for Android.

Well, to the point we will share zombie invasion walkthrough but before it, if you are new or you want to know more about the game, you can see on full game details below.

Zombie Invasion Walkthrough – Invasion T-Virus
Type: Puzzle Games

A brand new horror thriller game we give you zombie invasion walkthrough, featuring the living dead, from the makers of the hit, point and click adventure series, Curse Breakers. Are you ready to face the zombie apocalypse? Gather your ammunition, because the dead are living and you are the only one that can stop the invasion.
  • Inspired by classic point and click adventure games!
  • Incredible graphics with detailed scenes and objects!
  • Stunning new sound effects guaranteed to cause a scare!
  • Interact with multiple heroes in game to expand the story
  • Experience exciting shooting gameplay against zombies out for your brains
  • Many items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!
  • Multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.
  • Logical and realistic zombie outbreak scenarios.
  • A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face off with the undead!
  • Zombies!

  1. Go up the stairs and pick up the bat. After that, Go into room 2 and then take the umbrella. Look at the mirror on the right that reads: 77-9-63
  2. Remember the numbers. Click on the left door to open. A dark room with zombie. You’re not able to kill it. Go outside to floor 2. Use the key to open door three. You’ll see a man.
  3. Tap the man twice to talk to him and he will give you a key. GO back and then down the stairs and use the key with the red box on the wall. Get the first aid kit and axe. Go back up and enter room #3. Use the axe to kill the zombie and zoom in on the corpse, then take the gun.
  4. Open the box on the ground under the desk, take the bullets AND the piece of paper under it. Take the orange item on the desk. Open your inventory and drag the bullets into the gun. Go upstairs and shoot the two zombies.
  5. Go to door 5. Get a green button. Go inside the bathroom. Get a yellow button. Get a knife. Look on the wall. Numbers: 972 875 788 710 639
  6. The next number in this pattern is: 576.
  7. Go outside of floor 3. Place the buttons to the electric panel. Do it exactly like the paper diagram shows.
  8. Go to floor 4. Tap the lock and enter the combination (4428). Enter and use the rifle to shoot down all the zombies. Tap the zombies and take the crowbar. Zoom in to the green zombie and take a blue vial from the zombie’s hands. Also use the knife on its finger to get it. Go right and use the cutters on the bars and get flashlight using the umbrella.
  9. Go back and zoom in on the briefcase on the table. Here we need the code from the numbers in a previous room (972, 875, 788, 710, 639….) The pattern here is that, in order to get the following number, you need to subtract the first two numbers from the previous one (972 – 97 is 875. 875 minus 87 is 788 and so on). So we need 639 – 63 which is 576. Get the crossbow.
  10. Look at the flashlight in the ground and use the lockcutters to cut the bars. Use the umbrella to pick up the flashlight. Go upstairs and use the crowbar on the crate to open it and take an arrow. Go downstairs and use the crowbar on the boards under the stairs.
  11. Use the flashlight. Get a shotgun. Combine the bullets with the shotgun.
  12. Back to floor 2. Enter the dark room: door 2. Use the flashlight. Use the shotgun to kill the zombie. Click the wall, there is a safe picture. Slide the lever to 77 9 63. Take the green tube and the 3064 paper code.
  13. Back to the lab (floor 1). Open the red suitcase. here’s the code: Change the O shape into the corner of each number. Take the red tube and keycard.
  14. Go to floor 5. Use the finger and keycard to open the main door. Place 3 tube on the machine. Get syringe, which is on table.
  15. Go back to the floor 1 and enter the room, then zoom in to the red box. Use the code 3064 as numbers and the symbols above should be changed to: triangle (3), circle (zero), hexagon (6) and square (4). Get card and the red vial.
  16. Go up to the last floor and tap the door. Use the finger on the print thingie and the card in the slot for the card. Enter the room and get the huge syringe.
  17. Look at the microscope and put the blood sample in the syringe onto the slide. Press the eye piece to look into the microscope and see the colors: Red, Skyblue, Yellow, Blue. Put the 3 colored vials into the slots.
  18. Change the X letters into LPRZ and get the anti-virus. Now, get back to the safe zone. I’ll be waiting for you there.

Overall, this is great puzzle game. Graphics and animation are not everything people! Played this with zombie invasion walkthrough on a layover at Logan International. Best way to spend two hours in an airport. Only complaint is that is too short, can’t wait for “Escape”.

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