You Must Escape Level 11 Walkthrough Answers

You Must Escape Level 11 Walkthrough will help us to break and pass level 11 easily. If you got stuck there you are on the right place. The developer has released 2 stages in the week but i think it so difficult. There are many questions from our users which ask about you must escape game level 11 and 12. So, before share full solution i want to share game hints to help you break the problem by yourself.

Hints of level 11, you have to discover tools to open secret room on ground and lightweight the room. So, you can continue to next stage.

Is it easy?

Well, you can read full guide on instruction below.

You Must Escape Level 11 Walkthrough Answers
Type: Puzzle

Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game is to find the way to open different doors and exit each and every room the adventure has to offer.
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Logic brain teasers
  • Easy to start – impossible to put down
  • Explore different themed rooms!
  • New rooms added frequently

  1. Resolve the puzzle on the left wall, it’s a picture of a deer. After efficiently compose the image correctly, the painting will move to the right, you will note the stick, then grab the stick.
  2. Get a fuel can on top of the left cupboard, tap the right chair for a yarn. Click on the right facet of fireplace for an axe. Mix the yarn, fuel and stick collectively then place it into fireplace to get a torch.
  3. Click on the ground behind the left cupboard to see a secret door that locked with chain. Use the ax to chop the chains that block, the basement. You will note a darkish room. Use the torch to light the room.
  4. Go downstairs. Grab the book on table. Click on the chest on right side, there are four code to enter. Pick up the paper on left side of the box.
  5. Back to the principle room. Use an image on paper, to take pliers behind the statue of a deer’s head. setting images by this order: top left = chicken, top right = bat, bottom left = frog, bottom right = ant.
  6. Click the deer head on the right wall and change the animal symbol. You will get a pliers. Use the pliers to chop the wire. confer with the book, you’ll get the number “3663″. use these figures to open the box. Grab the key in the box.
  7. Go up and use the key on the keyhole to open the door.

Yeah, the new stage have been solved. Let’s go to level 12 which is very fun. See you!

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