The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapters 4-5

The Silent Age is the most popular game this week on our archive. After share The Silent Age Walkthrough 1-3, we continue it and we have finished chapter 4 and 5. Maybe it’s too late but i hope it will useful for everyone. If you want to see or you get some problem in previous chapter or level, you can read the previous guides.

You can watch video guide if you didn’t understand about our written tips. Well, to the point, we give you full guides below. Happy playing!

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapters 4-5
Type: Puzzle

The Silent Age Walkthrough is guides of game which is a new time-travelling epis odic adventure, split between two eras. There’s the eery and foreboding 1972. And then there’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland some four decades later, in 2012.
  • Unique stories.
  • Great display.
  • Stories mode.
  • More levels.
  • Chapters 4 and 5.

  1. Chapter 4: The Entry
  2. Remove the lid from the trash can and take the BROOM HEAD inside. Press the button on the TIME TRAVEL DEVICE to travel to the future.
  3. Pick up the MEAT HOOK hanging from the bottom of the window to the right of the butcher shop door.
  4. Walk over to the left and lift the broken plate. Use the broom head on the dust, and use the meat hook on the man hole cover. Climb down.
  5. Pick up the loose rung and leave.
  6. Use the TIME TRAVEL DEVICE to return to the present. Push the button at the edge of the blue wall to open the gate.
  7. Continue through the doorway to the front of the hospital.
  8. Use the metal bar on the hazardous waste container to crack it open. Take out the bonesaw. Now, go back to the manhole.
  9. Take note of the light switch’s location in the past. Then, jump to the future, and tap that same area in the dark to illuminate the area. Now, use the bonesaw on the iron bars to cut through.
  10. Go back to the hospital entrance, Inject the SYRINGE into the bottle of turpentine to extract some of the liquid.
  11. Return to the sewer drain where you found the syringe.
  12. Use the syringe on the turpentine to get a container full of flammable liquid. Jump to the future and inspect the dead body to get a lighter. Right – back down the sewer!
  13. In the future, use the turpentine syringe and then the lighter on the rubble. The smoke will get rid of the hornets’ nest, letting you walk into the hospital.
  14. Chapter 5: The Corpse
  15. Go through the open doorway on the right to enter the garage, then press the button on the TIME TRAVEL DEVICE to go to the present time.
  16. Walk to the yellow doors on the right and pick up the TIRE IRON leaning against the wall.
  17. Push the TIME TRAVEL DEVICE button once again to go back to the present. Open the door marked “A” to enter the upstairs office.
  18. In the future again now. Drop down the hole.
  19. Pick up the scissors, then jump to the past and cut the toe tag off the corpse. Go back to the future, leave the room.
  20. Use the battery with the cables to light up the room and reveal a key. Pick it up. Then, leap to the past. Open the drawer to get the ambulance key. Now, climb the stairs.
  21. Go up the stairs to the hallway, then re-enter the office through door A. Unlock the file cabinet between the desk and the window using the SMALL KEY. Use the TOE TAG on the opened file cabinet drawer to locate the file with an ADDRESS.
  22. Go to the past and enter the garage. ump to the future. Use the tyre iron on the tyre to fix the ambulance. Use the button to open the door. Use the key on the ambulance to complete the game.

The Silent Age Walkthrough 1-5 has finished, we will give you chapter 6 and more after the developer update it. Video guides is coming soon.

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