The Floor Escape Walkthrough – Escape Solution

The Floor Escape Walkthrough is new name of top game for Android which is developed by Perfect Games INC and today we will share walkthrough of the floor game to help you while you are getting problem on some levels. In this article we give you solutions and answers of levels 1 to 25 and for the next stages we share it on next article (you can search it on our blog archives). The floor escape is free for everyone, so you can play it with no cost.

I think you know about “100 floors escape”. That game has been renamed and now you can call it with this new name. So, what’s new in the floor? The developer just add more levels and fixed some issues. So, no new features has been added to the game.

You can download and play the game if you are using Android 2.2 or up with 11 MB of free memories. Well, let’s play the game with our walkthrough. Happy playing!

The Floor Escape Walkthrough – Escape Solution
Type: Puzzle Game

Remember that in some rooms of the first floors you have to complete the heist in order to open the doors and advance in the game. Solve the enigmas on the floor escape and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper.
  • One of the best door exit game available for ANDROID
  • Completely free
  • Mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time
  • Amazing Artwork
  • Complete utilization of your devices special features!
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Realistic graphics and Sound
  • Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard
  • Level 1 to 25

  1. Levels 1 : Tap button on the right, and then exit will unlock.
  2. Levels 2 : Tap the sunflower-like object in the lower right-hand corner to obtain it. Tap the sunflower in your inventory to select it, then tap the sunflower on door to open it.
  3. Levels 3 : Move the plant on the left to the right. Once it has been moved, you’ll see a red button. Click the button and the doors will open.
  4. Levels 4 : Take the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire until it’s gone.
  5. Levels 5 : Shake your phone/device left and right to break the glass and then open door.
  6. Levels 6 : Pick up the hammer on the left. Select the hammer, then tap all of the bottles to break them, including the ones on the shelves.
  7. Levels 7 : Tap on both the bag and box until they move in sperate directions and reveal an orange phone. Put the orange phone next to the exit on the left.
  8. Levels 8 : Pick up the fly zapper. Wait for the flies to appear and use it on the fly zapper on them. Keep zapping them until door opens.
  9. Levels 9 : Click on the rug, it will lift up. Grab the magnify glass quickly. Move the magnify glass to the X on the right. Doors will open.
  10. Levels 10 : Drag the mail to the correct mailbox, drag each colored piece of mail to the correctly colored box.
  11. Level 11 : Tap each piece to turn it.
  12. Level 12 : Drag the plants to place them in their appropriately colored shelves.
  13. Level 13 : Count how many pictures have blue in it and how many pictures have yellow in it. 5 on the left (blue), 6 on the right (yellow).
  14. Level 14 : Directing all the butterflies that go into the light. Move down between door and floor. Move left between door and left wall. Move upright near the open ceiling and move to the light.
  15. Level 15 : Put the big blue duck at the top, and then the next smallest one into the next box, and continue on until the biggest to the smallest is in descending order. For the yellow ducks, insert them in to the right side starting from the top from smallest yellow duck-to-biggest yellow duck.
  16. Level 16 : Tap the globe. The chalkboard will display 8 icons in a certain order, corresponding to the buttons on the sides of door. Tap the icons in the correct order: Circle icon (bottom right), signpost (left, 2nd from top), gear (bottom left), house (top right), music notes (right, 2nd from top), radio icon (right, 2nd from bottom), globe (top left), person (left, 2nd from bottom).
  17. Level 17 : Pick up the cloth rag on the floor and swipe up or down on the panel to the right of the door to clean it. Once you can see the hand, press and hold your finger on it until door opens.
  18. Level 18 : Swipe in the following order on the exit- down, left, left, right, right, left, right, and up.
  19. Floor escape 19 : Look at the colored lines and the numbers on door. Add or subtract the number on door with the lines next to it, then change the cubes to match that number. Left column: 2 red lines + 2 = 4 (red cubes), 2 blue lilnes – 1 = 1 (blue cube), 1 yellow line + 1 = 2 (yellow cube). Right column: 2 yellow lines + 2 = 4 (yellow cubes), 3 blue lines + 1 = 4 (blue cubes), 2 lines + 3 = 5 (red cubes). From left to right press the cubes 3x 0 1x – 3x 3x 4x.
  20. Level 20 : Slide the door right to reveal a colored background. Tap the buttons to the left of the door to match the colors next to them. Slide door over to the left and repeat for the buttons on the right.
  21. Level 21 : Press the shapes in the correct order as shown above door. Square, Circle, UpTriangle, DownTriangle, Circle, Square.
  22. Floor escape 22 : Change the switches in the following order- Left column- Red circle- off, T=on, O= Off, Right awrrow- off. Right Column- Green Circle= On, T= On, 1=On, & left arrow= On.
  23. Level 23 : Fix the elevator button, pick up the screw and screwdriver, put the screw into door button and screw it in with the screwdriver. Press the button.
  24. Level 24 : Drag each landmark to the circle containing the flag of its corresponding country. From left to right: Taj Mahal (India, top left), Statue of Liberty (USA, left middle), Big Ben (England, lower left), Eiffel Tower (France, right middle), Colosseum (Rome, top right), Pyramid (Egypt, lower right).
  25. Level 25 : Change the symbols on the door to match the ones on the side.

Overall, the floor escape is very fun and addictive I would give it a five but on some of the levels you have now idea what your supposed to do other than that its great. Its so much fun to play and gives you a challenge.

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