Take Action To Escape Walkthrough

Take Action To Escape Walkthrough is the if you got stuck in some level on Take Action To Escape game. We give you full guide, original way to pass all stages easily. In the first post, we will share stage 1,2,3,4 and 5. Yeah, in each post we share 5 stages and we hope it can help you to solve all puzzles which you can solve it.

Before it, we will share hints of the game. Maybe, you want to break the puzzle by yourself. Stage 1, tap the door to open. Stage 2, use key to open the door. Stage 3, get the key from the rat hole. Stage 4, obtain the key from the fire wood. Stage 5, tap a combination of the same picture on left and right.

Here is full guide of this game.

Take Action To Escape Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle,Brain

Mobest Media is glad to present new top game in “Room Escape/Exit Doors” category for Android! Use your puzzle solving skills to find the way to open each door in order to proceed to next room. It’s time to take action to ESCAPE!
  • Unique brain teasers
  • Challenging logic puzzles
  • Easy to start – hard to put down
  • Auto-save function
  • Delightful graphics
  • Outside of the box thinking
  • Balanced difficulty

  1. Level 1 : Tap the door and exit.
  2. Level 2 : Get the key from the pot and use it to open the door.
  3. Level 3 : Pick up the magnet and use it on the mouse hole in the wall on the bottom left. Use the key on the door.
  4. Level 4 : Click the blue bucket to inventory. Use it to tap the faucet, so the water will fill in the bucket. Now you have bucket of water inside inventory. Select it and press the fire. After the fire go out, press it to get a key to inventory.
  5. Level 5 : Tap the similar objects on the left and right and pick up the key in the lower right side of the screen. Use it to exit.

Well, 5 stages have been solved. See you on the next stage.

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