Spooky Manor Walkthrough Full Guide

In this Spooky Manor Walkthrough article will share tips, trick and the answer of all puzzles on the game. We give you video, written and images guide so if you have slow connection you can just read it but if you want to see full guide you can see the video. Spooky manor is popular game, this is classic point and click adventure game. I have finished it and i share all of my experience here. Now, let’s play it with my spooky manor full walkthrough. Win the game easily.

First, you will get a phone that you have to visit Spooky Manor family house. First, pick the screwdriver in front of the door after that use it to prise up the floorboard in front of the door (rather left). Pick up the gold key and unlock the door with it. The pendulum is missiout ng from grandfather clock. The portrait is of Lord Cuthbert, he was famed for his speciality stew. Read the recipe on the picture (pigeon, red wine, and truffles). The ghost of a tormented chef won’t let you pass, he never manage to prepare his final meal, so pick up a ladle! The ladle works as a pendulum in the grandfather clock and the door will open. Pickup a large cooking pot.

Spooky Manor Walkthrough Full Guide

Back to the kitchen and put pot on the stove. There is small hole in the floor, something attaches to it. Pick up a handle on up floor. Pick up the secateurs. Noughts is the winner. Pick up some tweezers and a bottle of sleeping pills. Pickup a snail. The brambles are overgrown so cut it with secateurs. Pickup statue and after that pickup a shovel. Put some pills on the bird table. Go out from the home and dig a hole with the shovel. Pickup some truffles and then pickup a pigeon.

The handle fits into the small hole then, open a secret trapdoor. Pickup a bottle of red wine, and then pour it into the pot, truffles, and pigeon. Pickup the completed stew and then put on service lift. Ring bell! Pick some cheese, a hammer. Smash the cracked vase with hammer. Pickup the bronze key. Use the bronze key to open the door. Put the cheese on the mouse hole. Pickup paint brush, and dip it on the sauce. Put the statue on the wooden crate. Paint it!

Well, we will share full video Spooky Manor Walkthrough and next part of this guide. See you on the next guide.

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