Need to Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5

Need to Escape Walkthrough is available now on our archive. We will start it from level 1,2,3,4 and 5. In each post we will share 5 stages so we hope it can help you to pass the game easily. Need to Escape is new game for Android which invites you to find the way, break the puzzles, and think to solve it. There are some doors that you have to pass it. Before go to full guide we want to share game hints, it will help you to solve it by yourself.

Hints and overview, stage 1 turn on the lamp to see your way out. Stage 2, open the big cardboard box for the key. Stage 3, use the cane to make the elevator door open. Stage 4, use the code to press the correct monitor screen. Stage 5, find 10 black square using the flashlight.

Here is for full guide of these stages.

Need to Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5
Type: Puzzle Games

We will help you to solve all stages of Need to Escape. Find items and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room. Certain objects can be dragged, others just clicked. This is level 1-5 written version walkthrough of the game.
  • Challenging brain teasers
  • Logic puzzles 1-5
  • Easy to start – hard to put down
  • Different themed rooms!
  • New rooms added frequently
  • 100% FREE for Android!

  1. Level 1 : Tap the rope and this will turn on the lights. You can now exit!
  2. Level 2 : Get the knife on the shelf then use it to open the box, Get the key and use it to open the door.
  3. Level 3 : First you have to take a stick to the right of the elevator. Press the button on the right and left of the door at the same time until the lights in the elevator turned into a green home. Once the light turns green all, put a stick in the middle of the elevator to prevent the elevator doors closed again. Press the door to exit.
  4. Level 4 : The clue is A2, B3, C2, C1, D3. The letter is the column, and the number is the row. Tap the correct grey squares on the left. Column 1, Row 2. Column 2, Row 3. Column 3, Row 1 and 2. Column 4, Row 3.
  5. Level 5 : Pick up flash light, use flash light to find 9 square on the wall.

5 stages of this game have been finished. Are you ready to go to the next stage? We share it on the next post. See you!

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