Need to Escape Level 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough

Welcome to Need to Escape Level 6,7,8,9 and 10 Walkthrough. This is about how to pass easily, break the puzzle and solve it fast so we give you written guide to help you to pass stage 6-10. In these stages, we think no think too hard there. But, if you got stuck there you are on the right place. Before it, you can read my hints that maybe you can solve it by yourself after read it before go to full guide.

Hints of stage 6, move the ball from A to C with the same order. Stage 7, change all the blue line into green. Stage 8, use the tool to reveal the item and guide to open the door. Stage 9, use the letters on keypad as guide to press the code. Stage 10, complete the door puzzle.

Here is full guide if you can’t pass those stages.

Need to Escape Level 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle Games

We will help you to solve all stages of Need to Escape. Find items and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room. Certain objects can be dragged, others just clicked. This is level 6-10 written version walkthrough of the game.
  • Challenging brain teasers
  • Logic puzzles 6-10
  • Easy to start – hard to put down
  • Different themed rooms!
  • New rooms added frequently
  • 100% FREE for Android!

  1. Level 6 : Move the blue ball from pole A to pole c, conditions : bigger ball must on the bottom.
  2. Level 7 : Change all the lines to green. Passing over them once will turn them orange, then pass over again to turn green. Trace over the small triangle twice, then trace over the bigger triangle twice, and finally trace the outer lines twice. Trace the last small part. Tap the door when it’s all green.
  3. Level 8 : Get the knife above the box. Use the knife to cut the rope and to open the box. Get the matches on the box and remember the shape. Use the matches to left and right rocket wing. Tap and slide on the dot to make triangle like at the box.
  4. Level 9 : Using the code on the wall, tap the panel and enter your own code: 372273, tap enter then exit.
  5. Level 10 : Arrange the puzzle to form a picture of the door. use the red button up and down to move it.

10 stages have been solved. You can continue the game to the next stage.

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