Need to Escape Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

You are on Need to Escape Level 11,12,13,14 and 15 Walkthrough now. In these stages you will meet with some difficult puzzles but don’t worry, we have finished it all and share our way while playing the game on this article. Well, before share full guide, as like as previous post we will share game hints so you can try to solve by yourself.

Hints of stage 11, change all the circles into green color. Stage 12, press the correct numbers by using the arrow as guide. Stage 13, use the painting as guide for the green dots. Stage 14, use the numbers and color as order to change the rockets color. Stage 15, use the alphabet order and do the math.

You can read full guide on instruction below.

Need to Escape Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

We will help you to solve all stages of Need to Escape. Find items and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room. Certain objects can be dragged, others just clicked. This is level 11-15 written version walkthrough of the game.
  • Challenging brain teasers
  • Logic puzzles 11-15
  • Easy to start – hard to put down
  • Different themed rooms!
  • New rooms added frequently
  • 100% FREE for Android!

  1. Level 11 : You must make all dot on the door turn green by tap the white square. The hint is you just tap four square on the middle.
  2. Level 12 : At this level you have to guess the 5 digits and put it into the keypad to unlock the door. See number 7 on the screen is blue, this is the first number. Press the monitor to see 4 other numbers. You will see the bottom left monitor number 3, right below the number 5, number 7 on the left and right of the figure 8. See the instructions at the top of the keypad, this means you have to enter the numbers from the bottom right of the monitor to the right of the blue and the number 7 is placed last. Enter the numbers 53 787 on the keypad.
  3. Level 13 : At this level, please make all dot on the door turn green by tapping the white square. Press the four-square in the middle.
  4. Level 14 : Order the number from left to right like the wall color. Then, use the number on wall for rocket position : left : light purple – red – blue, right : orange – yellow – green (top) and dark purple (bottom). How many clicks you need : left : 7x – 1x – 5x. Right : 2x – 3x – 4x and 6x. After the red dot on door turned green.
  5. Level 15 : The word RISE on the wall tells us about the number codes. R-2 for example means that on the panel we must look for the letter that is 2 spots behind R – P in this case, so we will have to tap the number 7. I+3 means that our letter is L, which is at number 5. Do the same with all the other letters and you will get your code: 7529.

Half game have been solved. 15 stages more in the week so you won the game. See you on the next stage.

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