Escape the Titanic Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough Answers

Escape the Titanic is very fun game. We will help you to solve level 26,27,28,29 and 30 so you can pass it easily. I think these stages have some difficult puzzles, you have to find great way to escape. We share it in written but i will update for video version soon. Before give you full guide i want to share hints and overview. Maybe you want to solve it by yourself.

Hints and overview of these stages. Level 26, look facial hair. Level 27, turn the lock until the number code reads 0487. Level 28, SOS SOS Titanic Sinking Fast 41N 50W. Level 29, while holding them there, drag the door to the right to open it. Level 30, use the wrench.

If you can’t pass it, you can read full guide on instruction below.

Escape the Titanic Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough Answers
Type: Puzzle

Face the ultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in this challenging and unique puzzle adventure. No two scenes are alike, so be prepared for anything as you race to escape the world’s most infamous ocean liner, the sinking RMS Titanic. Help you on level 26-30.
  • 50 clever puzzles no two alike
  • Challenging levels with an integrated hint system
  • Hidden objects aid in your escape

  1. Level 26 : Select only women and children. All the men have facial hair (including the short ones with facial hair). Help lower the lifeboats by turning the lever and pulley clockwise. Watch both your line and the other line. If the other line starts showing the white marks, slow down. If your line starts showing the white marks, speed up.
  2. Level 27 : Tap the door to zoom in on a combination lock. Turn the lock until the number code reads 0487. Drag the switch under the numbers to the right.
  3. Level 28 : Tap the card at the top and the morse code sheet on the bottom. 41 degrees North and 50 degrees West is where the Titanic is on the map. Fast tap = dot. Tap and hold for a second then let go = line. Use morse code to tap the words: “SOS SOS SINKING FAST TITANIC 41 50″.
  4. Level 29 : Press the key in your inventory then purportedly tap Emergency glass to take everything out of the case – guns, flashlights. Hold two gold bars on the top and bottom of the door with two fingers. Use the middle finger to press to open the door.
  5. Level 30 : Tap to zoom in on the door after slowly walk towards the door. Use the wrench to turn and unscrew all four screws on each corner of the door. Move all the little cylinders around so that they are not getting in the way of the lock release. Swipe the lock release to the left.

Congratulation, 30 stages have been solved. It’s time to continue to next level. I share next guide on next article. See you!

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