Escape Challenge Level 5 6 7 8 Walkthrough

Escape Challenge Level 5 6 7 8 are very difficult but i have finished it and in this article we will share for you. In previous article we have shared 4 stages 1,2,3 and 4 and maybe you need it you can read on previous article. Just for overview before full guide, in level 5 you will meet with eggs and you have to take the key above it.

Level 6, the key is on the table. Level 7, you have to open the box to get key. Level 8, match the shape for each mold then press the tesla coil, tap the top part of tesla coil and get a key.

Read on instruction part to get full guides.

Escape Challenge Level 5 6 7 8 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

This is escape challenge 5-8 guides which will help you to pass those stages easily. Let’s play and happy playing!
  • Level 5-8 guides
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  • Easy to play

  1. Level 5 : Click the box on left corner, with a hint : DUVO, UOVD + =, 4987. Find out the value for each letters, here’s the answers : 1346, 3641 +, = 4987. get an egg inside the box. Click the curtain on wall, fix the picture and get another egg. Remember the pattern : 3 lines and 1 O. Click the skull on right and change the eyes like the pattern. Get a triangle key from the mouth. Use key on pyramid and get the egg. Look at the floor. Place all 3 eggs on the spot and pull the lever. Get the door key and open door.
  2. Level 6 : Look behind the plant and pick up the red button. Look under the TV and remember the number on the note: 3147. Look at the colored snail next to the TV stand and look at what colors 3,1,4, and 7 are. 3 = orange, 1 = yellow, 4 = red, 7 = blue. Go to the night stand next to the bed and put in the colors orange, yellow, red, and blue. Open it and take the item. Use the item on the hidden compartment next to the snail. Take the blue button. Look at the table in front of the couch. Tap to move the printer and again to move the plate, and take key. Use the key on the drawer under the TV and pick up the remote control and other object. Use the remote control on the TV and remember the number 9:3:12. Go to the stone box and put the blue and red buttons on. Tap the glass on the top and put your other item on. Change the direction of each dial to match the number on the TV. Left dial = 9 = West (left), Middle dial = 3 = East (right), Right dial = 12 = North (up). Open stone compartment and take key. Use key to open lock on the chest. Take key inside.
  3. Level 7 : Tap the right table lamp and get a silver handle, click the picture on the wall and remember the yellow position. Tap the floor under the sofa, now change the brown circle like yellow position on the painting. Get the second silver handle. Click the ventilation hole. Put both handle on the spot and open the vent hole to get a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to open top table drawer and get a yellow key, use the key to open the left table drawer. DD x C with 3 ***. It’s not a roman numbers because you only have 3 digits. So translate them into alphabet order, letters = numbers. D = 4, C = 3, so 44 x 3 = 132. Open the safe and get a blue key.
  4. Level 8 : Solve the purple lightning circle puzzle. Open door and take the yellow piece. Solve the puzzle on the bottom. Count the number of sides on each shape. Triangle = 3, Half circle = 2, Circle = 1, Pentagon = 5, Square = 4. Open door and take the blue piece. Solve the puzzles on the right side of the room. The top one is just reading the numbers: 5483. Open door and take the red piece. The bottom puzzle is moving the dials to the degree shown. 135 degrees = south east (down right, 3 taps). 180 degrees = south (down, 4 taps). 45 degrees = north east (up right, 1 tap). Open the door and take the green piece. Place all 4 colored pieces in their correct spots. Tap the electric rod in the middle of the ceiling and the electricity should turn on. Tap the top part of the rod and open box. Take the key.

8 stages have been finished and we will give you the next level if the developer release new level for us. See you on the next level.

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