Endless Escape Level 66 67 68 69 70 71 Walkthrough

This is the latest Endless Escape guide. I will share level 66,67,68,69,70 and 71. The latest stages have some difficult puzzles but this walkthrough will make it easy so you can pass it easily. Before share full guide you can try to solve it by yourself with my hints.

Hints and overview, level 66 you have to tilt your phone/device to the left. Level 67, the holes in the wall is the clue. Level 68, just be patient. Level 69, ESCAPE is the clue. Level 70, put the mouse in the glass tube at the top to push the key out. Level 71, look above the door.

Read instruction below for full guide of these stages.

Endless Escape Level 66 67 68 69 70 71 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle Games

Stage 66-71 of Endless game, one of popular escape game. Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game.
  • 6 Stages
  • Level 66-71
  • Written guide
  • Proven tips to solve the puzzle

  1. Level 66 : Move to the left a box at an angle to the left terminal. Tap the power plug, and fitted to the outlet. 17:00 is displayed. Tap the white panel is set to “5″ and “2″ right to the left.
  2. Level 67 : Enter the number 4038 on the keypad and doors will open.
  3. Level 68 : Wait until you see the blue ghost on the bottom left corner, then tap it. If you tap another ghost, you’ll have to wait 10 seconds to start again.
  4. Level 69 : Tap the number : 4, 3, 9, 5, 2, 4 and grab the key to open the doors.
  5. Level 70 : Stage there is cheese on the floor. Get by tapping the cheese. Select items in the cheese section. I put to the front of the hole in the wall. Get by tapping the cloth from the floor. Select the cloth item column. Is covered by tapping the picture. Get by tapping the rats come out to the hole in the wall. Select a mouse in the item column. Add the mouse by tapping the tube on the wall. I get the key because fall. Select the key in the item column.
  6. Level 71 : Look above the door for the clue. The smallest speaker = quietest sound, and it goes all the way to the biggest speaker = loudest sound. Change the white square colors to match the color of the object/animal. Top left square = Quietest = Dog sleeping = Black. Top right square = 2nd loudest = Door knocking = Red. Bottom left square = Loudest = Alarm clock = Green. Bottom right square = 2nd quietest = Bird singing = Blue.

Congratulation, you have finished all stages which are available from the developer this week. We wait for the next stage next week. I hope the developer release it. See you!

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