Endless Escape Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough

Endless Escape Guide Level 46,47,48,49 and 50 is available now. If you stuck there, this will help you to solve it, pass the problem and continue your game. I think, there are a difficult puzzle. Before give you full guide you can try to solve it with the hints and if you can’t do it you can read full guide on instruction part. Let’s play with hints below.

Hints and overview of the game, level 46 you only have 1 hint : O N E, this is a very tricky stage. Level 47, there are 5 candles with some numbers. Level 48, there are ties and triangle with some colors, pattern and arrows on left wall, on the right wall there are some shape and another colors. Level 49, follow the line to get the right color. Level 50, you have to balancing the scale.

If you can’t pass it you can read full guide below.

Endless Escape Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle, Brain

Stage 46-50 of Endless game, one of popular escape game. Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game.
  • 5 Stages
  • Level 46-50
  • Written guide
  • Proven tips to solve the puzzle

  1. Level 46 : The clue at the top of the screen tells you where to go to find the key. Tap ‘options’, then ‘level select’. Go to Stage 1 and collect the key (it will not appear in your inventory). Use the same process to get back to Stage 46. After the key appears in your inventory, use it on the door.
  2. Level 47 : If you check out the numbers written on the candle, you will notice that there is a pattern: first number increases by 109, second increases by 111, the next one increases by 113 and final one by 205. This means that the number we’re looking for increases by 207, following the same rule, so the number is 891.
  3. Level 48 : Not sure about the logic for this level but here’s the solution after many trial and errors: Cross out the 4th tie (white and blue stripes). Show the red outlined white arrow facing up. Show the yellow triangle on the left, red triangle on the right, and two thin blue stripes below it. Cross out the 4th design. Pick up the glowing key and use it to open the door.
  4. Level 49 : Upper-left: blue, Upper-right: pink, Lower-right: red, Lower-left: yellow.
  5. Level 50 : Put 5 on the left, and 9 on the right.

Congratulation, you have finished 50 stages. We will update tomorrow for the next stage on next article. See you!

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