Endless Escape Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough

Welcome to Endless Escape game level 41,42,43,44 and 45. In this level you will get some hard puzzles but today we have solved it and we share it full for you. We give you written walkthrough but if you need video version it will available soon. Before share full guide i will give you hints of the game.

Hints and overview, level 41 the color is on the top right, the shape is on the bottom left. Level 42, if you click the door, you won’t hear any sound that you normally heard and there’s a frame border around this stage. Level 43, on the left side you can see two examples of triangles with number. Level 44, there’s a tree blocking the door, and there’s no sign. Level 45, top left, we see white numbers on red background.

You can see full guide on instruction below.

Endless Escape Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle Game

Stage 41-45 of Endless game, one of popular escape game. Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game.
  • 5 Stages
  • Level 41-45
  • Written guide
  • Proven tips to solve the puzzle

  1. Level 41 : Change the colors and direction of the patterns on the right by comparing to the pattern on the left. Pick up the glowing key and use it to open the door.
  2. Level 42 : This is a really tricky one: put one finger on the top right side of the frame and one on the bottom left and bring your fingers together (as trying to zoom out). The real door will appear and you can exit after taking the key.
  3. Level 43 : Enter the number 55 on a brown triangle to the right of the door and grab the key in the pot.
  4. Level 44 : Find 3 items : left side on the floor, top on the tree, bottom on the tree. Combine these items into axe, and use it. But, you can’t click the tree to cut it ? well there’s another way. Shake your phone device to start chopping. Now you see the key inside the tree? Use it to open this door level.
  5. Level 45 : Using the number and color clues on the left, tap the outlined shape on the right to the correct color with the correct number of arms. Notice how the numbers in the upper left box correspond to the number of arms. Now notice how the colors of the upper left box correspond to the color of the arms. Divide the numbers to get the number of arms, combine the two colors to get the arm color. Collect the key at the base of the windmill. Use the key on the door and head through.

You have finished new 5 stages and now you can continue the game to the next level. I share it on next post.

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