Endless Escape Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

Endless Escape game Level 21,22,23,24 and 25 is available and we give you full walkthrough of those stages to help you to break the puzzle, get the answer so you can continue the game. These 5 stages have some difficult puzzles. You can try to solve it with my hints first before read full guide on instruction part.

Overview and hints of the game, level 21 use the hammer on the wood+nails, select the table and place it next to the wall underneath the key. Level 22, pick up the key where the glowing light is and open the door with it. Level 23, pick up the glowing key. Level 24, figure out what colors go on which sides of the cube. Level 25, change the colors of the blocks so that it matches the same original color as the objects.

Is it easy? You can read full guide below to help you solve it.

Endless Escape Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle, Brain

Huge amount of different rooms to escape in one game makes it a huge room escape game – Endless Escape Level 21-25!
  • Unique brain teasers
  • Challenging logic puzzles
  • Combine unusual and diverse objects
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down
  • 5 stages
  • Level 21-25

  1. Level 21 : Take the small seed, saw, hammer, water bucket and nails on the floor. Note that your inventory can be scrolled up and down. Put the seed on the left pot. Use water bucket on it, so the tree grow. Use hammer on the tree to get some woods. Inside your inventory, combine the nails and wood together then add the hammer. You’ll make a table from it, place the table under the key.
  2. Level 22 : Tap screwdriver then tap electric panel to open it. You will see wires, cut it with pliers. Now the room turn darker and the hologram will show up. They are image of math operator and numbers code. The answer is 0-8-1-2.
  3. Level 23 : Figure out what color combinations make the colors of the balls from left to right. Orange = Red + Yellow, Green = Yellow + Blue, Purple = Blue + Red.
  4. Level 24 : The cube is “extracted” in the painting to the left of the door, so check it out there to know the colors on the cube to the right. Or follow this: tap the top side until you have: blue, red, green & yellow. The left side: green, blue, orange, purple. The front side: red, blue, green, purple.
  5. Level 25 : On the top row we have: Yellow, Blue, Green. The middle row: Red, light orange, brown. And final row: Black, White, Orange.

25 stages have finished. You can continue to next stage on next post.

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