Dooors 2 Level 56 57 58 59 60 Walkthrough

Dooors 2 Level 56,57,58,59,60 guide have been updated. In this section i share the latest stages this week in written but video version is coming soon. I think there are some hard puzzles in these stages but don’t worry, i have finished all stages and share my way for you to pass it easily. Before it, i want to talk about game review.

Don’t know why people haven’t taken to this game, but I love it! Works fine on my EVO. Not quite as good as the original – Some levels were a little too easy, but others were simply brilliant. Still a great time passer. Looking forward to the updates.

Are you ready to play the game?

You can read full guide on the instruction below.

Dooors 2 Level 56 57 58 59 60 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve the hidden mysteries and open the doors by making full use of Android gestures such as shake or multi-touch and complete all the stages!
  • 40 new stages.
  • Mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time
  • Stunning graphics
  • Auto-save

  1. Level 56 : You have to grab the old man’s foot. After that, pull him out under the car. You will see the guide on a paper from his hand. Make patern, click on the left circles and make the hand’s pointing to the middle = top : down, top right : down left, top left : down right, bottom left : up right, bottom right : up left, botom : up. If it right you will get green signal.
  2. Level 57 : Here is the answer from top :green, orange, red, purple, blue.
  3. Level 58 : Tap left hatch. Then, use the crowbar to open it. Use 2 fingers to slide to both direction. Take remote control. Select the remote control, use up or down arrow to control the direction and press red button to fire. On every bulb that you hit, the red bar will turned green, make all bars green.
  4. Level 59 : First of all, select the wooden bucket and press the pool. Press on the middle circle and tap the hole. Pick up red ball. Press the left wall and select the candy to put on the “up three, right one” which is the 2nd row, 1st column. Press the right wall and select the screwdriver to put on the “left two, up four” which is the 1st row, 3rd column.
  5. Level 60 : I give you the answer : right, left, middle, middle, left.

60 stages have been solved. We will update the next stage soon. See you on the next stage.

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