Can You Escape Walkthrough Level 5 6 7 8

After share level 1-4 now we give you can you escape game walkthrough level 5,6,7 and 8. This is the latest walkthrough for can you escape game and the latest too today. There are 4 puzzles which you have to pass. But it think it has difficult and hard to pass. But, i have finished it so you can see how to solve it easily.

Overview, level 5 do the math: 845 + 129 = 974 and it’s the answer code. Level 6, key is in the cement board. Level 7, code to get the key is 4316. Level 8, enter 3462 on the top, and circle star triangle square on the bottom.

You can see full guide on instruction below.

Can You Escape Walkthrough Level 5 6 7 8
Type: Brain and Puzzle

This is the next can you escape games walkthrough. It will give you the best answer and solution for level 5-8.
  • Level 5-8
  • Smartphone puzzles!
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms!
  • Constant updates of New Rooms!

  1. Level 5 : There are two views on this room. The main door view and the bedroom view. Go to the bedroom view. Click on the carriage of the bicycle. Take the blue round object from it. On the left side of the bed ther is a small shelf. Go there and take the round object from the shelf. Go back to main door view and tap on the table beside the door. Use the two round objects you’ve got to open the drawer. Open the drawer and get the bird seeds. Go to bedroom view and take note of the colors of displayed art on the wall (Pink, Cyan, Black, White). On the main door view, go to the small cabinet on the left. Use the color code you learned from the bedroom wall (Pink, Cyan, Black and White). Take the pencil from inside it. Go to the bedroom and on the small round table in it, you will find a piece of paper. Use pencil on it to reveal a diagram. Zoom back out and click on the chest to the right. Zoom in on the chest and using the diagram from the paper, adjust the dials of the chest accordingly. Take the key. On the main door view, examine the bird cage. Give the bird your seeds. Take the golden key from the cage. zoom back out. Go to the panel on the left of the door. Insert the silver key to the right key slot and the gold key to the right slot. Zoom back out. Go to the dart board. Take note of the color of the dart pins and in which number they stick in (Green: 8, Blue 5, Red: 4). Use these numbers on the left key slot on the door. So, we have 845 + 129 = 974. Enter the total into the bottom panel. The door opens. Escape and proceed to next level.
  2. Level 6 : Look at the wooden open cabinet next to the cactus. Change the numbers and solve the puzzle. 12 x 14 = 168, 6 x 2 = 12, 2 x 7 = 14, 3 x 2 = 6, 1 x 7 = 7, Tap the tan board below it to open it and take the blue ball weight. Zoom out one screen and take the yellow car jack underneath. Look at the pot and plant in the lit up box in the wall and take the car jack part (a stick). Combine the car jack parts in your inventory and use it on the car. Pick up the red ball weight. Look for the 4 hidden colored numbers in the room: Yellow 2 = on the green gecko wall decoration, Red 6 = under upside down bowl on top of safe, Green 6 = “LVL 6″, Blue 2 = tap white square behind lit up pot and plant, Enter the 4 numbers in the safe: 2662 then tap the handle. Take the green ball weight. Hang all 3 weights in the corner. Tap under the bull horn and open the cement board and take the key. Use the key in the keyhole to the left of the elevator.
  3. Level 7 : This level has two main views. The main door view and the studio view. On the main door view, tap on the model ship on the right side of the door. Zoom inside the ship and move the small boat in it by tapping on it. Take the key. Zoom back out to main view. Tap in the tool box on the floor to the right. Open it and get the screwdriver. Go to the studio room. Tap on the colored blocks on the green cloth. It shows a color code. Go back to main door view. go to the chest to the left of the door. NOTE: Wooden blocks represents color grey. Get the pliers from the chest. Then go back to studio room. Tap the red box on the left then use fliers on its lock. Take the camera. Zoom back out once then go to the picture frame on the table to the right. Tap the picture frame to turn it over. Use screwdriver to open it. Get SDcard from it. Zoom back out once then. Tap on the camera on the table. Zoom in on it and notice the numbers 4841. Zoom out once and tap on the compartment below the table. Zoom in on it and enter code 4841. You will see a pattern inside it. It’s another code that you should take note of. In the main door view, go to the shelf to the left. Tap on the small safe box in the left compartment. Now, in your inventory, tap the camera to bring it up then use the SD card on the camera on your screen. A picture comes up then take note of numbers in yellow, blue, red and black. So we have 4316. After that, using the pattern from the table compartment from the studio room, arrange the square holes on the upper part of the box. Take the key. Now that you have two keys, all you have to do is go to the left side of the door and insert your keys there to open it and escape.
  4. Level 8 : This room has 3 areas. Take the remote control on the shelf. Take the CD in the yellow trash can. Take the charger on the cuckoo clock. Take the drawer handle on the tricycle. Put the handle onto the drawer to the right of the couch and take the black phone. Look at the horse painting above the couch and tap it to see the numbers 7528. Go to the DVD player under the TV and enter the code 7528, then insert the CD. Use the remote on the TV and browse through the channels. Remember the number of animals on each screen: 4 kangaroos, 6 penguins, 3 cats, 2 sharks. Go to the tablet on the couch and put in the code: top left = 4, top right = 6, bottom left = 3, bottom right = 2. Remember the shapes: circle star triangle square. Plug in the charger next to the left speaker. Put the black phone onto the charger and remember the numbers: 3462. Go to the 8 squared panel to the left of the door. Enter 3462 on the top, and circle star triangle square on the bottom.

Congratulation, you have solved all stages which is available. I wait the next stage from the developer and if it available i will update this guide. See you!

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