Can You Escape Level 9 10 Walkthrough

Can You Escape has released 2 new stages this week. So, we give you level 9 and level 10 walkthrough in this post to help you to solve all the puzzles easily. If you want to play the new stages you can update your game, download the latest version and  install it to your device. Before give you full guide i will share the hints and overview of these stage.

On level 9, in the end of the game you have to find the right color. Look at the hearts next to the guitar and move the big one. The color is white blue red white yellow green. Level 10, you have to place the yellow ring in the slot next to the door, then the new object.

You can read full guide on the instruction below.

Can You Escape Level 9 10 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle, Brain

This is the next can you escape games walkthrough. It will give you the best answer and solution for level 9-10.
  • Level 9-10
  • Smartphone puzzles!
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms!
  • Constant updates of New Rooms!

  1. Level 9 : There is a drawer, open it and take the purple bulb. Silver key is in the red white yellow egg. You can tap it to get the key. Put the puzzle in black and yellow cabinet (open it first). See the newspaper, move it and take a green key card. Remember the colors (see the plates), it’s blue red green black and orange. If you use the bulb in the lamp you can see some clues. (XOX OXO XOX). It’s used to solve the wood panel under the lamp. X means you have to press it. You will get blue red green black orange. You can take the blue key card. Go to the tan box next to the guitar and enter the colored numbers: Green 9, Red 4, Orange 8, Blue 3. Take the screwdriver. See on the wood chair. You have to move it and then remove screws of vent above the chair with your screwdriver. Use the silver key in the keyhole to stop the fan, then take the red key card. You can see the final clues above the hearts (biggest). insert each key card to white box panel beside the elevator. Then, change the color to white blue red white yellow green.
  2. Level 10 : First, you have to take something that you need to solve this stage. Piece of paper on stepladder, pencil next to the red potted plant on the table, drill bit in the tea cup on the table, drill in chest. After that, you can combine the drill (tap drill then drill bit). Tap red X which is next to the bottom left of elevator. Use the drill bit. You will get blue blue yellow yellow green green. Go to the red box in the closest left corner of the room behind the plant. Change the colors to: blue blue yellow yellow green green. Take the object inside. Go to the vent at the top of the wooden stepladder. Select the paper and tap the box to slide it under. Zoom into the hole and use the pencil on it to push the key. Pull the paper out and take the key.

Congratulation, 10 stages have been solved and now we waiting next release from the developer. I will update the game guide if they update it.

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