Arcade Escape Walkthrough Full Guide

Arcade Escape Walkthrough will hep you to play the Arcade Escape game easily. We give you full tips and tricks so you will enjoy to play this unique game. You can see video walkthrough if you have good connection, but we also give written guides. It’s useful for you who haven’t great connection. Then, you can just read arcade escape walkthrough written type.

What is Arcade Escape ? Maybe you ask about it. This is one of popular game and also new. New but it’s very popular. It has been launched a few days ago by Shattered Games.

Before we give you arcade escape walkthrough, we give you full information about the game. You can read more about the game on the full description below.

Arcade Escape Walkthrough Full Guide
Type: Puzzle Games

Use this arcade escape walkthrough to escape. All alone, locked up in the arcade. And only one cold pizza to eat! Collect valuable tickets and redeem them for escape supplies. Gather the usual odd assortment of MacGuyver tools and start escapering!
  • Click Game
  • Story Mode
  • Many Challenges

  1. Start the arcade escape. You will find a box of pizza. Open the box and take a pizza cutter and also grab tickets next to the box.
  2. Press down arrow and then click the right arrow. Game is not turned on so click skeeball ball and take ticket on the left. Then, press the back arrow. Look at the score of the game, there’s a ticket and grab it.
  3. Press back and grab the tickets before the “Ticket Snacker”. Now, click the left arrow. There is a ticket. Use the blue balls that you take, and enter the game. Tickets have gone out, grab a ticket and screwdriver.
  4. Back, goto B-ball and there is also a ticket. Take also a backetball. Back, left arrow, and go to prizes. Take the ticket is in the reading. Back, The cabinet is locked, darn. Take the ticket.
  5. Back, go to the game dolls. The ticket is above it. Back, go to air hockey, take a battery and a ticket. Back, left arrow, go to the door, take the stamp pad and ticket. Back, and left arrow.
  6. Now you’re back to the starting position. There is a new ticket, take it. Left arrow, take a hand truck and a bicycle pump. Left arrow, take a broom beside the prizes. Go to water shooting game. Press the red button and the balloon is filling. Something dropped it and also take the ticket.
  7. Back, go to secure the alarm box, there is a ticket. Back, and go to doll game. Put the coin in the token. Take a alien doll. Cut the head with a pizza cutter. Press his neck, then use a bicycle pump. Then, attach the needle. Use it on a deflated basketball.
  8. Back, go to b-ball, basketball use, throw into the ring right. Use the broom did take the blue thing.
  9. The hammer is missing, use a hammer (the blue thing) and then play the game. At mice!. After that, grab a ticket! In the end take a backlight above the mouse.
  10. Back, let’s see down the door. Use screwdriver to open the plate. Take plate and also the ticket and a pile of screws. Go to ticket snacker. Use a ticket and insert so the receipt is out. Take it!
  11. Back, right arrow. Move the game, press left up corner, beside it, beside it, right corner down, then third panel from right down. So, the panel is opened. Take the key.
  12. Back, go to prizes. take a hand stamp. Use stamper and put the stamp. Use a paper napkin and stamp it! Use a flashlight and put the battery. Turn on it. Use napkin and Flashligt stamp on the napkin. So, there is a code.
  13. Go to the door. 8812 is the code, use the key to open. Use plate and put in the vents (above the secure box) and then use the gun and shoot the plate.
  14. In the end you can go out by open the door.

This is great game, you can try to play it. But, we need more challenges. I hope the arcade escape walkthrough above can help you. So, you can win this game.

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