100 Toilets Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough

Welcome to 100 Toilets Level 61,62,63,64 and 65. These stages have been released a week ago and i have finished it now. I’m so sorry too late because i have to do my University test but i hope this can help you to solve these stages easily. A week ago i have shared stage 1-60. You can read it on this link. Well, before i share full guide for these stages i will start with game hints.

Overview and hints. Level 61, use the color of correct sign to choose on the code. Level 62, find a ball and use the mirror as guide to press the button. Level 63, get the key from the door wall. Level 64, use your finger to move the iron. Level 65, use the hammer to break on the wall.

You can read full guide on instruction part below.

100 Toilets Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

New update 100 toilet walkthrough. This is level 61-65. Easy ways and never get difficult puzzle. Let’s play the game!
  • Level 61-65.
  • Open the door to go to the next stage.
  • This is a free application and more stages will be added!
  • There are various Achievements!

  1. Level 61 : If you press the code panel, there are 4 colors : blue – green – red – purple. 100-toilets-level-61. Find these color from the toilet wall, you will have : blue = man, green = toilet seat, red = woman, purple = toilet plunger. So change the images for each color then the code will accepted.
  2. Level 62 : The mirror shows the order to press the left and right buttons in the container with the ball. Take the ball out of the toilet and put it into the container above the toilet paper. Tilt your phone/device and press the buttons in the correct order: left right right left right left.
  3. Level 63 : Grab the hammer and wooden block. Grab the handle on the wall and place the block into the hole. Grab the key in the block.
  4. Level 64 : Zoom in the door. Remove the metal plate. Slide the both metal plate to the left to remove it. Go back. Press the door to open it.
  5. Level 65 : Grab both wood and hammer head from the plant pot. Now from inventory combine both items by moving it into 1 place. After you have a hammer, look on the tower near the mirror on door side. Turn the towel up then press the wall. Select the hammer and tap the wall to hit until it break. You will see a key hanging, pick it up. Select the key and unlock the door to open.

65 stages have been finished. We can continue the game to the next stage. See you.

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