100 Floors Escape Walkthrough – 100 Tricks

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough is one of solutions that is very effective to help u when playing 100 floor game easily and without many think to get the true way to win the game. In this walkthrough, we will give you full guides from level 1 to 40 with written guide and also we will share video walkthrough on other post. This is great game and we have played it, so we share for you 100 floors escape for free :D

This is free game, so it’s very recommended for everyone because it’s one of great games on the world. Besides that, 100 floors is also very popular in the world. You can play it on Android, iPhone and i think on PC too.

Fantastic for waiting rooms and too pass the tome. Very addictive and easy to use. You can see 100 floors escape walkthrough on instructions part.

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough – 100 Tricks
Type: Puzzle Game

Introducing one of the most addictive “Room Escape” puzzle game for Android. This is 100 Floors Escape. Solve the enigmas and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper.
  • One of the best door exit game available for ANDROID
  • Completely free
  • Mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time
  • Amazing Artwork
  • Complete utilization of your devices features!
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Gorgeous graphics and Sound
  • Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard

  1. Stage 1 : Push the elevator button to the left of the elevator. Go to the next level.
  2. Stage 2 : Pick up the small sun button on the bottom right. Use it on the sun button in the middle of door.
  3. Stage 3 : Move the plant on the left to the right. Once it has been moved, you’ll see a red button. Click the button and the doors will open.
  4. Stage 4 : Take the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire until it’s gone.
  5. Stage 5 : Shake your device left to right to break the glass in front of the door.
  6. Stage 6 : Grab the hammer from the shelf. Once in your inventory, break all the bottles in the room. Doors will open.
  7. Stage 7 : Tap repeatedly on the package and box to move them until you see the orange phone symbol. Pick up the orange symbol and put it on the left of door.
  8. Stage 8 : Pick up the fly zapper and wait till flys appear. Use the fly zapper on them until the door opens.
  9. Stage 9 : Click on the rug, it will lift up. Grab the magnify glass quickly. Move the magnify glass to the X on the right. Doors will open.
  10. Stage 10 : Drag all the yellow pieces of mail to the yellow mailboxes, the blue to the blue mailboxes etc.
  11. Level 11 : Tap each piece to turn it. Complete the puzzle.
  12. Level 12 : Move the plants to their correct color. Yellow Plant=Top left corner, Red plant=Bottom left corner, Blue plant=Top right corner, and Purple plant=Bottom right corner.
  13. Level 13 : Here you need to count how many blue and yellow pictures you have, and get that corresponding number into the boxes. Put 5 blue and 6 yellow in there to open door.
  14. Level 14 : Keep tapping each butterfly until they go into the light.
  15. Level 15 : Put the big blue duck at the top, and then the next smallest one into the next box, and continue on until the biggest to the smallest is in descending order. For the yellow ducks, insert them in to the right side starting from the top from smallest yellow duck-to-biggest yellow duck.
  16. Level 16 : Tap the globe on the floor. When the signs show up on door tap them on the sides of the door in the same order.The order : Bottom on the right side, The 2nd from the top to the left, Bottom on the left side, Top right side, 2nd from the top to the right, 3rd from the top to the right, Top to the left, 3rd from the top to the left.
  17. Level 17 : Grab the cloth on the floor & swipe up & down to the right of the exit. You will see a h&. Tap & hold your finger on the h& until the exit unlock.
  18. Level 18 : Swipe the screen in the same order as the arrows shows, starting from the bottom left going clockwise, ending at the bottom right. The swiping should go: down, left, left, right, right, left, right, up. Keep in mind that if it’s done correctly the arrows should turn green.
  19. Level 19 : Look at the colored lines and the numbers on door.
  20. Add or subtract the number on door with the lines next to it, then change the cubes to match that number. Left column: 2 red lines + 2 = 4 (red cubes), 2 blue lilnes – 1 = 1 (blue cube), 1 yellow line + 1 = 2 (yellow cube), Right column: 2 yellow lines + 2 = 4 (yellow cubes), 3 blue lines + 1 = 4 (blue cubes), 2 lines + 3 = 5 (red cubes).
  21. Level 20 : Slide exit to right and change colors on boxes to match the exit. Slide exit to left and change colors to match exit.
  22. Levels 21 : Click the shapes in the same order as shown above door. This means: Square, Circle, Upwards triangle, Downwards triangle, Circle, Square.
  23. Levels 22 : Change the switches on or off. Left column: Red circle = OFF, T = ON, 0 = OFF, Right arrow = OFF. Right column: Green circle = ON, T = ON, 1 = ON, Left arrow = ON.
  24. Levels 23 : Pick up the screw & the screwdriver. Put the screw into where the button is, & screw it in with screwdriver. Press button.
  25. Levels 24 : Drag correct l&mark figure to the correct flag.
  26. Levels 25 : You need to change the symbols on the door to match the symbols on the sides of door. Click them to change them. So for the first row there should be a “Y” an “M” and a “Wave”. And so on down the line.
  27. Level 26 : Change the numbers on the door according to how many pieces are in each symbol. Left column, top to bottom: 8, 2, 4, 4 Right column, top to bottom: 3, 4, 8, 4.
  28. Level 27 : Rotate your device upside down, until the key hits the hook on the top. Use the key on the door.
  29. Level 28 : Grab the knife & use it on the exit to clear the brush. Tap the white bulbs in the following order- right bulb= 3x, left bulb=3x, right bulb= 2x, left bulb=2x, right bulb=1x.
  30. Level 29 : Watch the order of the symbols on door. First, press the blue symbols on the right: Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade Next, press the red symbols on the left: Club, Spade, Diamond, Heart
  31. Level 30 : Tap the elevator button on the right as many times as possible until the exit unlocks.
  32. Floors Escape Level 31 : Shake your device from left to right to break the boards in the corner. Slide the mirror on the ground into the light beam. Press the code on the wall on the control panel on the door: 7589.
  33. Levels 32 : Shake your phone/device left and right to get the keys down.
  34. Put the keys back in the order of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple
  35. Levels 33 : Burger ingridents will be flying across the screen. Tap them in the order as follows- bottom bun, lettuce, onion, cheese, meat, ketchup, & top bun.
  36. Levels 34 : Watch how many times each letter rotates. Then click the circles to change the number in this order: 8657
  37. Levels 35 : Put the puzzle together. Press each colored button to turn each piece. Be careful because the buttons change positions.
  38. Levels 36 : Tap each correct button based on the lights that are on. Top row- far left, far right. Bottom row- both lamps are on so Tap both things on the exit.
  39. Levels 37 : Watch the numbers carefully and memorize their position. Now press them and place them in the same order.
  40. Levels 38 : Tap the hats & hearts as follows- 1 heart= 3x, 2 heart= 1x, 3 top hat= 3x, 4 top hat= 3x, 5 heart= 2x, 6 heart= 1x, 7 top hat= 2x, & 8 top hat= 1x.
  41. Levels 39 : Press the axe to use it on the chains. Flip your device upside down to stop the gears from moving. Now press the elevator button on the right side of the door.
  42. Levels 40 : Tap all 5 green lights so they are lit up at the same time.

Overall, 100 floors escape is great game, really addictive. And guys there are no glitches in any level, I am done through 1-48 and for more levels now!!! P. S. Level 38 doesn’t need any phone shaking, use your brains! You can read the next levels on next post.

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