100 Floors Annex Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

100 Floors Annex Level 16,17,18,19 and 20 walkthrough is available on our archive. If you got stuck there you are on the right place because we share easy steps to solve all stages with our way. This is the last stages in the week. In the last, you will get some very difficult puzzle. But, don’t worry, you can break it and pass easily.

Before share full guide, we will share hints of the game. It will help you if you want to try solve the question and the puzzle by yourself. On level 16, complete the green bar and make the ball keep on the stick. Level 17, put all the tetris block on the square. 18, use the line color on floor as guide to connect the dots. Level 19, use the ball to hit on the red dots. Level 20, use the buttons to make the ball move to the hole.

If you cannot solve it you have to read guide on instruction below.

100 Floors Annex Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

100 Floors 16-20 has simply released a new set of levels called Annex! We just can’t get sufficient of the tapping, shaking, and problem solving featured on this excellent puzzle application. Although we’ve slaved over our iOS devices to break the codes, you deserve an excellent night time’s sleep.
  • Written guide
  • 5 stages
  • Stage 16-20

  1. Level 16 : In case you press the lever then the board will rotating clockwise you have to preserve the ball onn the board by tilting your phone or device when the red bar colour changed into green.
  2. Level 17 : Draw the shapes (use each one once) so it fills the whole door. You can draw them in different positions. Top right = red horizontal. Top right below red = yellow horizontal. Bottom right = purple. Top left = green vertical. Bottom left = orange horizontal.
  3. Level 18 : Use pattern on floor to match grid. Click all dots to turn all lines red. Click all dots except where red goes. Click all other dots except red, green. Click all other dots, except, red, green and blue. Click dots to set yellow lines. Then, tap all other dots, to remove lines.
  4. Level 19 : Click on the ball from top to make it fall. Swipe the ball on flooring so it hit all the 3 red buttons.
  5. Level 20 : Get the ball into the outlet by flipping the shapes. Answer: Left, Left, Left, Right, Up, Right, Right, Up.

Congratulation, you have finished all stages in the week. We will update the next stage if the developer release the new one.

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