100 Floors Annex Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

If you got stuck on 100 floors annex game level 11,12,13,14 and 15 you are on the right place. We share full guide of these stage in written version. I think these stage are so hard but you can pass it easily with my way. Before share full guide you can try solve the puzzle, break the question with our hints. Then, if you cannot solve it you can read full walkthrough.

Hints of level 11, balance the big balls. Level 12, reveal the lacking shade with pitchfork and add the color to have the proper order. Level 13, match the stick with color. Level 14, use the line as guide to change the numbers. Level 15, use the circles as guide to put the dolls.

How about the hints?

Well, if you can’t break it you can read instruction below.

100 Floors Annex Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough
Type: Puzzle

100 Floors 11-15 has simply released a new set of levels called Annex! We just can’t get sufficient of the tapping, shaking, and problem solving featured on this excellent puzzle application. Although we’ve slaved over our iOS devices to break the codes, you deserve an excellent night time’s sleep.
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  • 5 stages

  1. Level 11 : Pull down the right small weights in order that the big weights go right down to their lines (in red and blue on the wall). Pull off all of the weights apart from the fifth one (final crimson weight).
  2. Level 12 : Tap rake, then activate. Tap left top, middle right and middle top to reveal fish. Change color to: Brown, Green, Red, Blue.
  3. Level 13 : Get the right stick and put it on the right bar. Press the red button and release it when the red stick is on red zone and green stick on green zone. Do it for the 2nd and 3rd time to have all red lights change into green.
  4. Level 14 : To get 9 it’s essential to observe the line and add up the numbers. There’s no line on the second 0 so depart it. The answer is : 3 0 5 1. The door will seem and there’s a green arrow.
  5. Level 15 : Move the dolls so the middle spot has the red outside + green inside, and the right spot has the blue outside + pink inside. Only larger dolls can stack onto smaller dolls. Move the dolls in this order: Red middle, Blue right, Red right, Green middle, Red left, Blue middle, Red middle, Pink right, Red left, Blue right, Red middle.

15 stages have been finished easily. You can contact me if you have other answer. See you on the next stage.

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