100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough – 100 Solutions

100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough is our new project which will help you to pass all level on 100 door game easily without hard think to get solution or the answer of puzzles. In previous project, we have finished 1 game which is very popular in the last week. Yeah, if you are puzzle game lovers i think you know about the floor escape. In the first guide of 100 doors runaway, we give you all solution level 1 to 40.

Maybe, you ask what the game is. This is free puzzle game for Android user which is developed by Gipnetix Games and this 100 doors game is  popular game with so many users just in a few days after released day. You can play it if you use Android 2.2 or up.

The current version is 1.0.1 with 40 levels and it’s free for everyone. You can read on app details below for more information about the game and 100 doors runaway walkthrough is on instruction part.

100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough – 100 Solutions
Type: Puzzle Game

Introducing one of the most addictive and unique puzzle game for Android. 100 Doors Runaway will be your friend to pass your time, change your mood, and use your brain. Find a way to solve the puzzles.
  • 40 NEW levels
  • Constant updates of New Doors!
  • Less math more logic
  • Contains Relaxing levels
  • Amazing Artwork
  • Complete utilization of your devices features!
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Only amazing puzzles and nothing more
  • Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard

  1. Stage 1 : Just slide the button arrow to the right.
  2. Stage 2 : Lower the left weight to the green circle on the left. Lower the right weight to the green circle on the right.
  3. Stage 3 : Tap the circles to pivot them. Change them so the red lines are lined up with the red parts of the circles.
  4. Stage 4 : From the sign : door no *255. Door no = 4. Do the math equation : 4 x 255 = 1020. Press the keypad panel and enter the password code to open door.
  5. Stage 5 : You have to sort the items either in the left trash or the right trash. Drag the wooden box in the right trash. Ball goes to left side / TV right side / Balloon left side / globe left side / table right side.
  6. Stage 6 : Look the image on door. Arrange the red balls at it shown on the door. Left : <, right : >
  7. Stage 7 : Take the hammer then use it to the bell follow the clue above door. So you must tap the bell: top left, bottom, midle left, midle right, top right.
  8. Stage 8 : For the rules you must add +1 or +2 and get the value of the math. We start from top left : 2 + 3 = 5 (follow the red line). Then continue to the top + 2 = 7 and continue for the rest to fill in the 0. The answers are : left side : 2 7 5 10, right side : 3 11 12 8.
  9. Stage 9 : Make both sides of the scale even. Take the 10T and 2T weights off. Put both 10T and 2T on the left side by moving the 10T to the left. Put all four 3T weights on the right side. Both sides will equal 12T.
  10. Stage 10 : Have a look at the clock. Since it is night outside you can say that it is 8:15 PM. Open the keypad and enter the code 2015.
  11. Levels 11 : Take the blue ball and put it on the left hole. Tilt your phone to move the ball from start to end position (fish bowl on right).
  12. Levels 12 : First get the soccer ball, plane, tennis ball, boat and hockey puck. Now put that stuff on the right place.
  13. Levels 13 : Tap the pictures in the order of largest object to smallest object. How we solved it: The hint on the door has big box pointing to little box. Press in the following order: Building (Bottom right), Plane (Top right), House (Bottom left), Chair (Top left), Soccer ball (Middle left), Mouse (Middle right).
  14. Levels 14 : Tap the numbers that add up to 10, then tap the lever. 1st = 4+6. 2nd = 2+8. 3rd = 5+3+2. 4th = 2+2+2+4.
  15. Levels 15 : Get the hammer to inventory and select it to tap the red button. The picture color will disappear one by one, but you need to count how many times to press. If you missed it, just press reset button. Here are the answers : red square = 4x click, green square = 2x click, blue square = 5x click, rainbow square = 7x click, press the keypad and enter the password code : 4257.
  16. Levels 16 : Take the magic stick and set it to the wall. Drag the magic ball and put it above the bucket. Then press and hold your finger over the magic stick and wait until the key will appear. Take the key and open door.
  17. Levels 17 : Tap and drag the bear to under the tree then shake your device until beehive fall.
  18. Levels 18 : The dots on door represent which silver buttons you must press (in order 1, 2, 3, 4). The black line on the wall indicates the order you must press the silver buttons (always go from left to right). Tap the silver buttons in the following order: Top Left -> Bottom Right, Middle Left -> Middle Right, Top Left -> Middle Left – > Bottom Left -> Bottom Right -> Middle Right -> Top Right, Top Left -> Bottom Left -> Bottom Right -> Top Right.
  19. Levels 19 : Pick up the stick and use it on the wheel over and over again until door is open.
  20. Levels 20 : From the equation we know that we must count the corner for each shape to get 7 :triangle = 3, square = 4. So start from the bottom left shape : 1. square = 4, 2. triangle = 3, 3. square = 4, 4. triangle = 3, 5. circle = 0, 6. arrow = 7, 7. square = 4, tap the keypad on left to enter code number : 4343074 so door will open.
  21. Level 21 : Set the items on the right position : oven is lower, tv is middle, weight is upper.
  22. Level 22 : Slide wooden box right until it is below the red button. Press and hold the faucet so the room fills with water. This will make the water rise, lifting the box to press the red button.
  23. Level 23 : Pick up the gears. Place them down and alternate the direction they are spinning. Starting from the bottom left, then going up and to the right: Clockwise (bottom left), Counter-clockwise, Clockwise, Counter-clockwise (corner), Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, Clockwise, Counter-clockwise (top right).
  24. Level 24 : Tilt your phone or device to the left side. A white ball will slide down from the slider to the floor. Get the white ball to inventory and select it. Use it to smash the peacock picture, it made from glass. Some glass shards will fall on floor, tap it. You will get 3 shape with color : blue, orange, green. Now put the missing shape to door : select the blue color and place it on top right, select the orange color and place it on top left, select the green color and place it on the left side.
  25. Level 25 : Follow the arrow and slide over the door to make them disappear.
  26. Level 26 : See foot print on the floor and symbol above the door, it mean you must count foot on each symbol above the door. Human=2, deer=4, flamingo=2, spider=8 and snake=0. So enter code 24280.
  27. Level 27 : Two brown rings = Shelf 1, three brown rings = Shelf 2, four brown rings = Shelf 3, five brown rings = Shelf 4 at the top (hint: the second to last ring will be this one. Simply place it on one of the shelves and then place the final ring on the last spot. Go back to where you placed the five brown ring circle and drag it back to the top.)
  28. Level 28 : Spell password. Press the squares to see the letters. P is revealed. Just press it. The letters change position every time so just find all the letters for “PASSWORD” and press them. Always start with P.
  29. Level 29 : 1st panel = both red button on bottom. 2nd panel = both red button on top. 3rd panel = only top left red button. 4th panel = only bottom right red button. You need to hide the ball on the hole for the 3rd panel then take it out for the 4th panel.
  30. Level 30 : Click on the cogwheel many times to make it spin fast, then drag the cogwheel to break all the spears.
  31. Level 31 : Turn on the light by tap the switch then get the spray. Now use the spray to the board above door on left and right side. Turn off the light to see the code 75 39, now turn on the light and enter the code 7539.
  32. Level 32 : Pick up the scream mask and select it. Using it on the chickens will make them drop eggs. Pile up the cushions away from under the chickens so when each chicken’s eggs falls, they crack. Pile them between the left and middle chicken. Press the chickens in the correct order shown on the door: Left, Middle, Right, Right, Middle, Left, Left, Middle.
  33. Level 33 : There are 7 yellow X’s scattered around the room, so X = 7. Now solve for Y. Y = 7 x 7 = 49. Now solve for Z. X + Y + Z = 100. 7 + 49 + Z = 100, so Z = 44. Enter “74944″ in the keypad.
  34. Level 34 : Get the hammer, brush, and bucket to inventory, select hammer and press all 3 squares to make a hole, select the bucket to the orange container to get cement on bucket. Press all 3 squares with the buckets, select the brush and press the paint bucket to get a white paint, using the brush, press all 3 square and door will open.
  35. Level 35 : Take the red pliers, open the cablebox and use the pliers to cut wires, you should light bulbs in the correct order : 1. only red, 2. only blue, 3. all the lamps.
  36. Level 36 : Tap the wheel until the bell move up and you see the key, get the key and use it to open door.
  37. Level 37 : Slide the spinning wheel in the middle to each numbered wheel and make them spin that number of times. The trick is to slide middle wheel back once the numbered wheel starts making it’s final rotation. Slide the wheel down, make the 1 wheel spin once, then slide the wheel back. Slide the wheel left, make the 3 wheel spin 3 times, then slide the wheel back. Slide wheel right, make the 4 wheel spin 4 times, then slide the wheel back. Slide the wheel up, make the 5 wheel spin 5 times, then slide the wheel back.
  38. Level 38 : Count how many bottles – bulbs – door in this room. The code is 999991.
  39. Level 39 : Get bottle from trash can, tap it 3x to get 3 bottles, select them one by one and click : 1. faucet, 2. freezer, 3. rock. All the bottles will gone from your inventory. Get another 3 bottles from trash can and repeat the steps above, you will find a key appear above the rock on the last try. Obtain the key and select it to tap door open.
  40. Level 40 : See the clue on the door, now you must make the same shape use the ball with line.

Overall, I love these type of games. If you love puzzles and like solving them, then 100 doors runaway is for you. The best brain game ever. I have all 3 versions of the app and their all AWESOME! We will update the next level if the developer update and add more level.

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