The Room APK – The Room for Android

The Room APK has been updated a few days ago and i think the room game lovers will happy to hear this news. First, this game is just available for iOS users but now Fireproof Games, the developer of this app also built it for Android device. After see the video trailer, we get great display and i think it has good stories. One of puzzle games which is very popular on iOS store will popular on Google Play, you can download the room apk and break the puzzle.

This is paid or premium game. If you want to download this app you have to check your device because the room needs 160MB of free memories and also you must use Android 2.0.1 or up.

The current version is 0.55, so what’s new? Added a button to rate the game at the end of each chapter and better handling of the Android “Back” button. You can read more about the room apk on app details below.

The Room APK – The Room for Android
Type: Puzzle Games

Welcome to the room apk, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must put such things behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn. You must come at once, for we are all in great peril. The Room Screenshot
  • Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural looking visuals ever seen on a mobile device.
  • Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls so natural you can play with one digit, to fully navigate this mysteriously beautiful 3D world.
  • Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard to put down, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you even know you’re playing.
  • Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you’re looking at? Think again.

  1. You can download the game on the link below.
  2. Download The Room
  3. Accept and install to your device.

Amazing graphics. And really well thought out puzzles. I only wish the game last longer/had more boxes to open – especially as it’s my most expensive ‘paid for’ game. Really looking forward to the updates and new levels though. I had no glitches, bugs, etc you frequently find with games this graphically intense. My only complaint is that it didn’t last longer. I finished it in a couple hours. It also isn’t compatible with my Toshiba thrive, but was excellent on my SGN2.

I just love this game. Well worth the price. It’s intricate and interactive but not in the usual way. I sincerely hope the developers create more along this line. There’s a lot I could say, but much like an unread book or an unseen movie I don’t want to ruin the joy of surprise.

Overall, the room apk is one of the best games I have ever played! The graphics are incredible! I can’t wait for either something similar to come or more chapters for this one.

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