Fieldrunners 2 APK – Fieldrunners for Android

Fieldrunners 2 APK has been updated a few days ago so you can download the new Fieldrunners 2 and upgrade your game to get better performance and more features. Subatomic Studios, LLC has fixed some bugs on previous version, tower placement offset fixed for widescreen devices and “Conserve Memory” option added for stability on tablets. The current version is 1.2 and i think the latest version of fieldrunners 2 apk is better than previous version which has some problems on memory.

What is Fieldrunners 2? If you are new user i think you will ask about it. So, this is one of popular casual games for Android which invites us to think, break the puzzles, do some actions, create strategies, and more. This is paid or premium games so you have to pay to get this game.

The game needs Android 2.2 as minimum OS and 300MB of memories. For more information about fieldrunners 2 apk, you can read on app details below.

Fieldrunners 2 APK – Fieldrunners for Android
Type: Casual Game

Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally available for Android phones and tablets: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes an all new adventure that was years in the making.
  • Pint sized invaders seeking revenge!
  • A tower that launches bee hives!
  • Tons of levels in a 20+ hour campaign!
  • Revolutionary AI – each enemy creates a dynamic, realistic path through the battlefield!
  • Gorgeous, hand painted, 2D graphics by award winning artists!
  • 20 unique, upgradeable weapons!
  • Custom loadouts let you pick the perfect weapons for each battle!
  • Air strikes, mines, and powerful items so you can strike with the precision of a surgeon!
  • Time Trial, Sudden Death, and Puzzle maps bring all new challenges to tower defense!
  • Trenches, bridges, and tunnels add new dimensions to gameplay!
  • Collect all the Elite enemies to become the ultimate tower defense champion!
  • A tower that turns enemies into barnyard animals!

  1. You can download the game on the link below.
  2. Download Fieldrunners 2 for Android
  3. Accept and install to your device.

After I installed the new patch when I hit play button in main menu the game freezes, and the picture stays frozen. The game worked perfectly before. Please fix this so I can continue to play or enable me to go back to the previous patch when the game worked. In app purchases… No discount or bonus coins for beta testers. No discount for players of FR 1. Having to purchase towers and add in a game that we paid 3 bucks for is silly. Not cool. Game play and graphics are pretty good and challenging though.

Compared to other tower defence games this has very little options. The extra slots for mines, fire bombs aso are nothing more then a way to burn credits, in order to motivate in-app purchases. Towers should have different development trees, rather then there being 20+ different towers all with only 3 upgrades. There are also serious bugs, like units bot following the indicated lines, and units running between mines and towers in a single square. This is by no means a great game, it is a simple game play.

Overall, fieldrunners 2 apk is best tower defense game ever! Amazing sequel, to original as well! My only request would be to have a cloud save system so I can pick up where I left off on my Nexus 10 on my Nexus 4.

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