Aug 08

Smart Launcher APK

Smart Launcher 2

The best home screen replacement launcher for android ‘Smart Launcher 2‘ updated with few new features and fixed bug. Now this app is better with new color picker, quick access to lock screen preferences and new shortcut “Show search by name”. This is a great launcher for any touchscreen phone or tablet device. It changes the style of phone into innovative.

Published by GinLemon, Smart Launcher 2 is an innovative launcher, featuring minimalist design, low resource requirements and user-friendly interface that allows you to launch any application with just a few taps. It’s easy to learn, makes sense to new users and puts every app at only 2-3 quick taps away.

Best free theme app on the market, not like other launchers where you have to pay for everything, this is all free (except some themes, but there is plenty off good looking free ones). No need to complicated features, just simple and better home screen style than others.

Smart Launcher 2 is super simple overall and beautiful to keep your screen looking more organized with all the functionally you need without the bloated interface. Sleek, simple, light on resources and makes for a whole new fresh smartphone experience. Just amazing, once you download it, and your world of mobile will be different standard. Just you will fall in love with.

Aug 08

Fire Age APK

Game of War - Fire Age

Game of War – Fire Age for Android updated with Super Wonder and Hero Energy. Now you can fight over the SUPER WONDER to become EMPEROR over all of Game of War and menacing monsters roam the kingdom defeat them to earn valuable loot! Update idea that make this game more challenging and more fun.

Game of War is an epic and addictive game. A great game you can dive into with only zero to some experience on time-based games. There are unlimited things you could do. It has multiple daily missions and events to keep you engaged with the game and your alliance. If you are looking for a game to play and grow and meet new friends, this is it.

Your mission is to grow your empire and army, and set your enemy’s cities on fire. Players make friendly contacts all over the world which makes the game more fun to play. You have to destroy your enemies with friends, and it gives you a great experience. You can gamble, build places to make resources, get resources from other players, and use battle to build a larger kingdom!

Game of War makes you feel a little confused in the beginning (possibly) but you’ll get the hang of it after a few minutes. Unlike other slow-paced multiplayer town-building apps, this GoWn is consistently exciting AMD never fails to be opportunistic and audacious with it’s unique gameplay, quests and multiplayer banter. If you like building and gain power empire game, this is must have.

Apr 30

Castle Clash 1.2.41 APK Review

This is Castle Clash 1.2.41 Review,

Castle Clash
Castle Clash is one of the best strategy battle games on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s  a great mobile strategy game that combines a playful mix of characters, buildings, guilds, special abilities, magic, castle, different fighting environments, social interaction and other options that.
The gameplay is so much better than clash of clans because you have heroes and you reuse troops. In Castle Clash it’s your job to manage your very own village and expand it as time goes on. You construct various buildings, recruit armies and attack other players. Upgrading your buildings is hands down the most important piece of progressing through Castle Clash. Fight to the top and become the world’s greatest Warlord!
Castle Clash Game Features:
- Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress
- Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops
- Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles
- Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena
- Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells
- Free-to-play fantasy strategy
What’s New in version 1.2.41:
- Fixed multiple bugs that hindered game performance
- New Legendary Hero “Minotaur Chieftain”
- a sixth Hero Base
Apr 28

Adobe Revel 1.0.0 APK

Adobe Revel is the best private place to view and share your everyday photos. Stay in touch with faraway family members by sharing daily moments, automatically. Best part about this app is the storage. Over 40 GB of originals now take up just a few hundred MB on these devices. And the interface is buttery smooth. Can’t wait to try it on the Android Tablets as well.

Try a new photo editing and storage solution for your mobile devices. The app can plays with Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 which allowing for expanded editing in those programs and easier importing of results into your Revel library. The simple editing features are actually quite effective.

Bring your family closer together with Revel! This app lets you share family photos confidently, knowing that unwelcome viewers cannot access your library of photos and videos. Revel also works on a variety of devices, so everyone can play a part. Get the whole family involved! With all your photos and videos in one organized, accessible place, there’s no more headache locating photos and videos.

Apr 25

Basketball Kings 1.24 APK

If you already tried many basketball games, Basketball Kings is the game you don’t want to miss. Download it and have fun. I commented not because for the multi player, but to spread how this Game is fun. You feel like you really shoot the Ball. It really makes you think about what angle you are throwing the ball. Well it is a little bit like real basketball but it could use like a daily spin to win coins or mp or something because it takes to long to get coins playing. Basketball Kings is Nice fun ball game to play for few minutes in between travel,work etc.

This game is probably the best basketball. Choose from 5 unique characters and refine your skills in 6 different game modes, unlock achievements and win trophies. Challenge your friends, show off your skills & style. For a real challenge, enter multi-player rooms and compete against thousands of real people from all around the world. Let’s play and figure out how to get your energy back!